Umbrella Note 2.0 launch

Umbrella Note 2.0 launch

Yesterday I launched Umbrella Note 2.0. And it received a great response from the community.

  • The website got 7K visitors in 6 hrs.
  • It landed on the front page of Hacker News with more than 60 upvotes.
  • And It stayed on top with more than 150 upvotes on subreddit /r/opensource.
  • Github repo got 45 new followers.
  • 50 new mail subscribers.

So what’s next

Currently, I launched it only for Linux and Windows. But almost half of the visitors were MacBook users. So first thing, I will fix the issues with macOS and build an installer for the Apple users.

Next, I think I will be building the complete application in react. As of now, it’s just plain javascript and a little jquery.

The new features that I’ll be adding now are -

  1. A ‘Medium’ like text editor.
  2. Dictionary and word suggestions.
  3. Auto backups to different locations on the users' computers. Keeping user data safe is the biggest priority.
  4. Passcode.

A lot of people requested for android and ios apps. I will be working on them as soon as possible.

Although I will keep it completely open-source and free for almost all of the features. But there will be a pro version.

I want to thank all of you who installed the application and provided valuable feedback.

Thank you.

Umbrella Note — A simple, beautiful and open-source application for writing and taking notes.