An IT, consulting and business process services company.

Expected growth in next generation technologies:

  1. 5G, Robotics, Blockchain,
  2. Digital strategy and transformation, consulting, IoT
  3. Cloud hosting, cloud migration, App development and maintenance (ADM) DevOps

Key Financial Highlights

  • Revenue: 61,340.1 cr
  • Net income: 9,771.8 cr
  • EPS: 16.67
  • Operating margin: 17.2%
  • IT Services Operating Margin: 18.1 %
  • Net Income Margin: 15.8%
  • Current ratio: 2.4

Business Segments

Three main business segments – IT services, IT products, ISRE segments.

IT Services

This includes digital strategy, design, IT consulting, custom application development, maintenance, business process services, hardware and software design.

  • Application Services: Digital product development and Cloud enterprise platforms.
  • Cloud and IT infrastructure services, DevOps
  • Industrial and engineering services
  • Cybersecurity and risk services

Segment Financials

Revenue: 59,404.1  cr
Operating margin: 18.1 %

Customer size distribution in IT services segment

Client Industries

  1. Banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI)
  2. Healthcare (HBU)
  3. Consumer business unit (CBU)
  4. Energy, natural resources and utilities (ENU)
  5. Manufacturing (MFG)
  6. Technology (TECH)
  7. Communication (COMM)
Revenue distribution between industry segments
Geographic revenue distribution

IT Products

Focus is on providing IT products as a complement to IT services offerings rather than selling standalone IT products.

Segment Financials

Revenue: 1,101 cr (1.8 % of total revenue)
Operating margin: -2.6%


ISRE segment consists of IT Services offerings to departments or ministries of the GoI and/or the Indian State Governments, as well as to corporate entities where more than 51% of the paid-up capital is held by the GoI.

Segment Financials

Revenue: 840 cr (1.4 % of total revenue)
Operating margin: -21.7 %

Key Risks Assessment

  • Wipro’s 57% of IT services revenue is from Americas, and 24% is from Europe. If economy in these areas remain volatile, then companies in these areas may reduce or postpone their technology spending.

Other Notes

  • Topcoder: It enables Talent as a service (TaaS).
  • Top three areas where customers are prioritizing their spending:
  • Cloud
  • Collaboration
  • Cybersecurity
  • Wipro HOLMES: Helps enterprises automate processes and offload specific cognitive tasks to the AI. It helps businesses adopt a hybrid mode of operation i.e., pairing automation and human effort.
  • Wipro Ventures: It is the investment arm of Wipro investing in early to mid stage startups in enterprise software field.
  • AI: Avaamo Inc,Vicarious FPC,Inc
  • Business Commerce : Tradeshift, Inc.
  • Cybersecurity: IntSights Cyber Intelligence Ltd, Vectra Networks, Inc, CyCognito, CloudKnox
  • Data Management: Incorta
  • Industrial IoT: Altizon Systems Private Ltd
  • Fraud and Risk Mitigation, Testing Automation: Headspin, Inc., Tricentis GmbH, Sealights
  • Cloud Infrastructure: CloudGenix, Moogsoft

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